Tetrosomus Project

Tetrosomus project – Zero Emission Explorer Yacht

We are experiencing a particular period in which boating as well as various other sectors must make their contribution to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

For years our company has been building boats in aluminum alloy, the material which is the easiest to recycle par excellence; today thanks to the friendship with Mattia Massola, architect of Studio Green Yachts we are developing a new generation of yachts with the typical DNA of Cheyenne but with a green and sustainable soul.

A marine vessel, suitable for large ocean crossings but with a compatible draft for easy access to most marinas in the world. Made with the best materials, as per Cheyenne tradition, Steel for the hull, Aluminum for the superstructure to ensure solidity and stability at the same time.

A spacious boat suitable for long cruises with family or friends, where spaces allow you to maintain the right privacy. Motorized with latest generation hybrid power units to be able to navigate even in the vicinity of protected marine areas.