Tetrosomus 45

Studio Green Yachts specialises in design of low environmental impact yachts and Italstyle
Yacht Design, a team of designers with twenty years of experience in the design of luxury
yachts, together for the realisation of the Explorer 55 Tetrosomus by Cheyenne.

The design of this yacht draws inspiration, as can be seen from the name of the project, from
the Tetrosomus, a fish not very well known, with a very original shape with clear and defined
geometries, lives in the depths of the sea, over 200 meters where the pressure is very high.
and for this reason nature has endowed it with a very robust exoskeleton structure.
Biomimics is the basis of the development of the project, where the form justifies the function
and becomes aesthetics and a characterising architectural element.

Tetrosomus Explorer

The yacht was developed starting from an exoskeleton, like that of the fish; the outermost
part in steel to protect the innermost part in aluminium, a hexagonal reticular structure
characterises the aesthetics of the design of the perimeter surfaces.

Hexagon because in nature and because on board.
The hexagonal design that is also found in nature (bee cells, the structure of the Tetrosomus
fish …) is the one that better and more than others allows the optimization of spaces and the
uniform distribution of loads and forces. An aesthetic form with high structural performance.

Tetrosomus Explorer

Powered to be able to navigate in zero-emission mode, with latest generation hybrid
engines. in the waters of the protected marine areas, equipped with a Low Noise
Geo-positioning system, to spend the night at anchor without using the anchor. This system
allows you to “moor” also in the areas of southern France and Corsica where the ban on
anchoring has recently taken over, to preserve the seabed and in particular the Posidonia.

The high and imposing bow to face the most adverse sea conditions, the lower stern that
accompanies towards the sea to maintain contact with the marine environment even on
large yachts.
The stern area with a level swimming pool is protected by high windbreak sides but also to
ensure greater privacy.

Master Cabin – Hushuaia Version by CPRN Homood

Available in two versions, with high stern (Ushuaia version and Capri version)
Two different layouts to navigate in total comfort and safety, two interior styles, one warm,
Nordic, the other cooler, modern and Mediterranean.

The main deck has full-beam environments (exploiting the entire width of the ship), lounge
and dining room, with large opening windows, and a central partition that can also be
opened which makes the rooms separable. A single volume that can be managed by
separating the rooms thanks to the large sliding windows.

Main Saloon – Hushuaia Version by CPRN Homood – Carpets by Arch. Valeria Eva Rossi

The full beam owner’s cabin has windows with hexagonal grating that mask the view from
the outside, guaranteeing internal – external visibility, privacy and solar shading.
The styled interiors are of CPRN Homood, carpets design by Arch. Valeria Eva Rossi , Italian products and style, guaranteeing quality and excellence in the sector.

The classic Layout, to meet the typical needs of a yacht suitable for international charter,
Lower deck with 4 guest cabins, full-width owner’s cabin on the main deck, saloon and
dining room, on the upper deck wheelhouse and private saloon with outdoor dining room ; on
the fly deck a well-organised panoramic sun deck with a privileged view to the bow towards
the ship’s navigation.

Capri Version with Open Stern & Pool

The yacht available for customization, is proposed in its current configuration, under 500 gt, construction of high naval quality guaranteed by Cheyenne Yachts Yard with production interiors of exclusively Italian quality. Standard configuration with delivery times of to 18 months.

Main Data
Length 47,55 m ( 154.2 Ft )
Beam, 9,8 m ( 32.01 Ft )
Draft 2,90 m (9.05 Ft )
Gt : 499t ( approx )
Engines Hybrid-RR IMO III compliant
Maximum continuous speed ( @100% RPM ) 15,0 knots
Cruising speed 10,5 knots
Guest 10 in 5 cabin
Crew 12 in 6 cabin